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Train Rentals in Orange County Help Grand Openings Build Steam


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Statistics show that California’s real estate market remains promising and that can only mean one thing, more grand openings. In Orange County, we’ve already seen them occurring within the restaurant, supermarket, hotel, retail and apartment community markets. So how can property managers ensure that their grand openings stand out from all of the others taking place in California?

We’d recommend securing train rentals in Orange County. Perfect for all sorts of grand opening events, the best time to book fall and winter train rentals is now. A $100 deposit will lay the tracks for a full-steam ahead, good time, regardless of event attendees’ ages. And an additional $275 will ensure that the fun continues to chug along for the first hour. After that, keeping the sparks flying will require payment of a modest fee.

Each train rental in Orange County comes fully staffed. So finding the right people to watch over the train and it’s passengers on grand opening day is easier than blowing an engine’s steam whistle. Plus, unlike other grand opening amusements, this one comes with a piece of mind worth at least two million dollars thanks to our company’s liability insurance policy. So all grand opening planners need to do, beyond making reservations, is provide the right surface for our conductors to drive on.

With that said, most grand openings in Orange County include designated parking areas. As long as they are level and covered with cement or asphalt, our conductors should have no problem setting up the amusement area and operating party train rentals in Orange County.

Would you like more information on this aspect of grand opening planning? What about advice on finding train rentals for promotional events in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties? If so, please contact our train rental experts today for personalized assistance.