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The Ultimate ‘Dinosaur Train’ Birthday Party


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Every parent knows about Dinosaur Train. This popular children’s television series combines trains and dinosaurs to create the perfect program for capturing the attention of preschoolers. After all, what preschooler doesn’t love trains and dinos?

What makes this show even more ingenious is its ability to weave education into the picture with short lessons on dinosaurs scattered throughout each episode. This makes Dinosaur Train a dream show, as it both entertains children and sparks their curiosity.

If your child is a Dinosaur Train fan, you might consider expanding upon the topic by throwing them a Dinosaur Train birthday celebration. Try incorporating some of the ideas below to make theirs the “best party ever” that they will talk about for years to come.

Take the Cake

Create the perfect Dinosaur Train cake in the comfort of your home. Begin by making a cake in any shape and size you see fit. Frost the cake using green frosting. Using gray icing, draw train tracks across the top of the cake, and add a finishing touch by topping the cake with these figures.

Play a Game

Create a “pin the car on the Dinosaur Train” game by printing out pictures of the Dinosaur Train cars. Cut out and glue the cars to a piece of poster board, leaving room for a car to be added at the end. Print out several copies of the last train car and cut them out. Add tape or sticky tack to the back sides of these loose cars and have guests try to stick them to the picture in the correct place while blindfolded.

Rent a Train

To complete your party entertainment, rent a kids party train. Give each child a dinosaur mask and a ticket and invite them to ride the Dinosaur Train. To add a fun finishing touch, have several stuffed dinosaurs available for the kids to sit with on their train ride.

If you need help planning your Dinosaur Train birthday party or if you are ready to book your party train rental, please contact us today!